Care and Maintenance of Furniture for long lasting elegance

Neither the errand of selecting furniture is easy, nor its maintenance is. When you purchase a furniture entity, the task isn’t finished, you need to keep up its grace. It’s extremely an intense activity, regardless of whether the entity be wooden, metal or glass. Each different material requires an alternate sort of care.


Purchasing is a one-time task but its maintenance is a regular errand. It’s essential to maintain the furniture to make it look like the one purchased recently. Wear and tear degrades the quality, however, at our end, we can attempt some approaches to postpone it’s debasement.

A few hints and traps to be taken to keep up its look

  • Clean the dust consistently. Try not to give the residue a chance to settle on your valuable things, as once it gets amassed, it may get tough to clean or to expel the stain from it’s surface


  • Clean the wooden surface of tables, dresser unit, by dusting with a dry cloth and if conceivable cover the surface with glass for keeping up the finish
  • Abstain from keeping the wooden items exposed to direct daylight
  • Refrain from keeping the furniture in a room prone to high temperature variations

Leather and fabric needs more care as they have a tendency to get filthy easily. So they require some additional care

  • Fluid stains ought to be cleaned at the earliest with a clean wet cloth


  • Try not to apply chemicals to treat the stain on yourself. Contact the furniture store to know the best products for getting the stain cleaned
  • Use vacuum cleaner or delicate brush to clean the residue from the leather of couch.


  • Make an attempt to save leather from the direct daylight
  • Use cushion covers and fabric to conceal the surface to hold it’s grace and elegance

Maintaining Wooden furniture –

  • Untreated wood can be cleaned with a cleanser and water
  • Painted surfaces and wax covered wooden surfaces are water repellent so, maintain a strategic distance from dust and get the surface cleaned with a clean and soft fabric. Re-painting can also work well for the purposeIMG_0163
  • Oily wooden surfaces can be cleaned with furniture oils recommended by the furniture stores. Give the oil time to dry totally before using

Glass top care –

  • Use warm water to expel the stains


  • Clean the glass surface with a wet fabric and afterwards by dry fabric so that the stains don’t get settled on its surface


Care and Maintenance of Metal surfaces –

  • Plastic surfaces can be cleaned with a little amount of soap and tepid water. Then clean the surface with clean water and after that clean it with a delicate wipe


  • Metal surfaces must be cleaned with a delicate fabric daily. A layer of wax can be applied for prevention
  • Always try something new on a small part to check for its response


Furniture also needs to be cared and maintained with love and attention to make it look new even after years. The most essential thing is day by day wiping of residue, and precautionary measures to protect its surface from dust and bacteria. But in any case, it gets defiled, use the tips to clean it the correct way and add life to your furniture.

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