Minimum efforts and big results- Re-furnishing home

An empty room is a story waiting to happen and you are the author”

Furnishing a home is a considerable task that includes a well-prepared plan to be followed. On the other hand re-furnishing doesn’t include specific steps or much efforts. Just think, gather ideas and execute.


Some tricks and tips can surely be followed

  • Re-purpose the existing stuff if it needs minor renovation or fabrication instead of buying a new one

Repairs and Renovation

  • Minute repairs can  be done to make the items work better and intensifies its beauty


Small repairs can make the difference


  • Polishing of the wooden items can make them look as the one recently bought from market
  • Polishing of the dining tables, dresser units, bed, wall shelves, stacks, wardrobe or doors of your room surely enhance its look


Polishing brings the freshness back


Polishing the top of a table


  • Little alterations can be done in the furniture items to make it look newly designed


  • Altering the places of furniture can give your room a complete new look. Keep on changing the places to bring the freshness in the home
  • Renovate the walls, paint it well and place wall shelves that will not disturb your budget and will enhance the look of the wall



  • Small side-tables can be placed , on top of it, vase, show pieces, photo frames can be decorated to make the corners look lively



Small centre tables are worth trying

  • A simplistic task such as changing the cushions can even do wonders

Little efforts

  • Keep on changing the position of the small decorative items, that will give fresh look to the same room, without displacing the heavy furniture items like sofa, dining table etc
  • Place small pots and put green plants into it, that will give the room natural look. You can also use the artificial ones, to avoid the mess


Finishing the items

  • The cherry on the cake in terms of furnishing the wooden stuff  acts as  the finishing of the product


Minute finishing can give new life to the item

Give bright colours a try

  • Experiment with the colours, bright colours make the room look full of positive vibes and makes you feel energetic

Minimal Furniture

  • Don’t place so many furniture items that portray a look of some showroom, a subtle look with minimum furniture items in a room can make it look royal
  • Make a clear path into the room, never create clutter with so much stuff

As, re-furnishing doesn’t take your much time, you can do it in routine. This will always make you and your home look as fresh as you want it to stay. The least expensive way of re-furnishing is to re-purpose and re-arrange the items, so as to fill your room with new memories and yourself with new energy.


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