About us

We are Domestic Furniture manufacturers in Ludhiana, PUNJAB(INDIA) established in 1975. Our purpose is to provide durable products at best possible prices by keeping our costs low and passing on the savings to our customers. We dedicate ourselves to apply best practices and impart our customers with the foremost products. Our top most goal is to cater to the requirements of the clients effectively and present them the best furnishing entities. Creativity coupled with professionalism helps us reach the apex of growth trajectory. Focusing exclusively on our work is our company’s nature.

Furnishing a place, being a holistic process, incorporates several furniture pieces to make a big picture. We offer a vast range of products varying from beds to sofa, wardrobes to dining table and dresser units to wall shelves. We catalyze in rectifying your living space and designing your bedroom compulsively. We offer deftly designed, high quality  pieces, wrapped with innovation, abreast with cost effectiveness. Balancing all the elements competently​, we present you with the intensely testified furniture that impresses you at the first glance.

  We take the pride in bestowing before our customers a wide range of available products as the designer sofa sets to enhance your living space and exotic wooden dining tables to galvanize the spectators. Fabricating the walls with graceful wall shelves and delightful wallpapers to intrigue the viewers. The diverse bedroom concepts to fascinate, plethora of patterns to choose from, the riveting styles and a sight to behold.

A few of the products developed by FurnArt on order for the customers:


The Royal 6- seater dining Set


Decorate a blank wall with a Wooden Wall Shelf and enhance its look



The Coffee table



Versatile range of  finely prepared double bed


Compact Diwan-bed for space effectiveness

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